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Upcoming 2019-20 Meetings

Sept. 17
Oct. 22
Nov 26
Jan 28*
Feb 28
March 20
April 24
May 15

Regular meetings held 3rd Floor Mondo, 8 :15 a.m.

*Special meeting held at The Hickcok Meeting Room, Summit Public Library,6:30 pm.

Board of School Estimate Meeting Notes

Some highlights of tonight’s Board of School Estimate and Board of Education meetings. What is out: Instructional Facilitator/Literacy Coaches at SHS and elementary school for a savings of $170,000. (Mayor Nora Radest remarked that she was particularly concerned about this cut, considering the increased enrollment and subsequent tax on teacher’s availability. She said that, through […] […]

SUS Mentioned in TAP Re: Special Budget Meeting

Here is our contribution to last night’s meeting, from TAP. “Melanie Wilson of Speak Up Summit said, when attending focus group meetings, she had been impressed with the balance between providing quality education and fiscal responsibility and with the actions in reducing health benefit costs. However she added that what Poles said was 100 percent […] […]

Special BOE Budget Meeting Report

At tonight’s special Board of Ed meeting the BOE agreed unanimously to approve a preliminary budget that is basically flat. Sure, it looks like there is a 1.95 percent increase, but that increase is virtually eaten up entirely by increased health insurance costs. The Summit Principal’s Association was out in full force, and while they commended […] […]

2016 School Budget Concerns

We have a potential budget situation on hand. Speak Up Summit could not attend the workshop meeting on March 11th…so I am not reporting 100 percent of the facts. But as I understand it, we may be in danger of having to CUT $800-900,000 from the budget!! This makes no sense. If you consider that […] […]

Tuition Based FDK Approved for 2016-17 School Year

At its November 19, 2015 meeting, the Summit Board of Education approved a tuition-based Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) program for 2016-17, with a tuition of $7,175 per year—an increase of 2.5 percent over the current rate. Board members Celia Colbert, David Dietze, Debra McCann and Katherine Kalin voted in favor of the program, while James Freeman, […] […]

BOE Meeting Notes- June 18, 2015

Take-away thoughts from the June 18, 2015 Board of Ed meeting: Now more than ever, it is critical to ensure that the makeup of our Board of Education is reflective of the makeup of our school district because some of our sub-groups who are not represented on the board are not necessarily armed with all […] […]

BOE Meeting Notes- March 12, 2015

Great discussions at tonight’s BOE meeting. Most lively discussion involved PARCC testing. Up until today, only 13 students “refused” the test, but today 31 high schoolers refused. This had to do with the fact that some sophomores and juniors missed AP classes. Students who were scheduled for the math class, for example, in the morning […] […]