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Speak up Summit unequivocally condemns any expression of hatred. We are shaken and deeply saddened by the recent use of anti-Semitic symbols in our schools. We believe that diversity is our strength and as a community, we should reinforce our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experiences.
It is reassuring how many voices have delivered messages of unity and love, but in moments like this, it’s essential we take a step back and recognize that these acts are not the first ones, they are not happening in the void, and they didn’t come out of nowhere.

This should be our wake-up call.

I have no doubt of the greatness of this city, but if some kids felt bold enough to commit such acts, we have failed them. We have failed to communicate to them our common values of respect, compassion, and inclusion. It’s imperative that we acknowledge that sometimes by not taking a stand, by not looking carefully of how we are interacting with each other, by neglecting or downplaying the importance of small acts of prejudice, bias or just plain rudeness, we are sending the wrong message to our kids. If kids failed to recognize the real meaning of these symbols, we have failed to educate them.

A joke is not a joke when someone is going to be hurt.

A symbol is not just an emoji when it embodies the suffering of millions of people.

A chant is not a catchy tune when it conveys a message of repudiation against others.

Above all, it should be clear for everyone, that in Summit, there is no room for hate, period.

I share the belief that this is a teaching moment for our children and for the whole community. We must actively work to strengthen our connections, trust, and mutual understanding. We must embody our shared values with actions that bind us together and make cooperation possible. We must care for the marginalized, unrepresented members of our community just as we care for our own.

We must advocate for effective anti-bias education and policies, as well as restorative practices in our schools. We must ensure we have created a system able to respond adequately to wrongdoing, one fast to restore a healthy and positive environment where ALL our children can thrive. We must continuously and mindfully work on educating ourselves too.

After all, as Malcolm Forbes said: the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.