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Bad Medicine and Frapuccinos. Part B

2) Virtual Instruction and school attendance.

Currently there are no guidance for Virtual Instruction in NJ. In February of this year, the bill A3321 was submitted to the Assembly Education Committee to allow the use of virtual instruction to meet minimum 180-day school year requirement under certain circumstances, it’s still under review (see 3).

Regarding attendance, according to the NJSMART guidance for Reporting Student Absences and Calculating Chronic Absenteeism (see 4), a student must be present at least two hours to be recorded as present for the full day, when the school is in session and under the guidance and direction of a teacher in the teaching process. (N.J.A.C. 6A:32-8.3(k)). For a half-day preschool or kindergarten session or half-day, the student must be present for at least one hour to be considered present. (New Jersey School Register, Ch.3).

This leaves little room for thinking of virtual instruction as a tool to make up Snow days in NJ, but it doesn’t prevent it entirely. According to some reports (see 5), districts like the Pascack Valley Regional High School District has been experimenting with the implementation of virtual school days. To comply with state mandates, teachers show up in school to broadcast from their classrooms, while students can log-on to their laptops from any location. This approach will require that all kids in the district have access to internet and a computer to benefit from virtual school days.

Again, at this point, I think virtual instruction is not a viable option for Summit, but one to be keep in mind nonetheless.