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Regular meetings held 3rd Floor Mondo, 8 :15 a.m.

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Speak Up Summit, of course, is an organization about Summit’s public education. Sometimes, news and events a little outside the box are of importance to our members. It’s not too much of a stretch to note that the current choice for Secretary of Education, Betty DeVos, is no friend to public education. Therefore, because of choices like this and many others impacting our citizens, it is imperative that we share three local post-election events and activities which will be very well attended by Speak Up Summit’s members. 

First up is a three-part postcard-writing event, “Summit Marches On!” which begins tomorrow morning. Three area women– Tracy Allocco KeeganBeth Keane Little, and Lacey Cotter Rzeszowski are opening up their homes so that people can write to their legislators and express their concerns about the choices the administration is making. This article details the events and locations.

Second is a Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre performance on Thursday, February 2 at 7:30 pm. “Continuing the Conversation, an Evening of Short Plays in Response to the Election” Eight 10-minute original plays, all written since the election, will be read at this one-time only performance. This link tells more about the impetus for the show and how to buy the $20 tickets.

Third is an event run by the Summit Municipal Democratic Committee, “Stand Up/Speak Out: A User’s Guide to Democracy.” This Feb. 9, 7-9 pm program will show the community how to get your voice heard, from contacting elected officials, using social media, and fundraising, and will provide a practical introduction to effective community participation. The free event will feature current and former elected officials, local party leaders and other active citizens sharing their experience and insights.  Click here to RSVP and read more.

Hats off to those mentioned here along with Andrea J. SteinTerri Gamier Tauber, and Laura Ekstrand —some of our strong local community activists, who were impassioned enough to dream of these projects, who have faith in the democratic process, and who understand that a grassroots-solution is the best way to impact large scale change.

Many of us at Speak Up Summit will be attending all three events and hope to see great community participation!