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Regular meetings held 3rd Floor Mondo, 8 :15 a.m.

*Special meeting held at The Hickcok Meeting Room, Summit Public Library,6:30 pm.

Impact of School Budget on Property Values

By Meghan Terry I attended the special budget meeting held March 7, 2016 at Wilson, and while I was not able to organize my thoughts sufficiently to speak at the meeting, I would like to share them with you now. First off, I join the rest of the community in applauding the BOE’s remarkable efforts to find […] […]

School Vouchers: Subtractive Education

By Stephen Coffin The Opportunity Scholarship Act otherwise known as New Jersey Senate bill S1872 would create a statewide voucher program for certain public, private and religious school students. Should this bill become law, its vouchers would weaken New Jersey’s already financially troubled educational system by diverting scarce state financial resources from our public schools […] […]

The Adverse Impact of a Charter School

by Stephen Coffin The adverse financial impacts of having a charter school locate in Summit would include but are not limited to: State law would require Summit’s public schools to provide 90% of its average per pupil cost by grade to a charter school residing in the district. This amount could total approximately $5 million (e.g., […] […]

Guest Column: Legislative Update- 2012

by Julie Latzer In 2011, there have been a number of policy developments pertinent to New Jersey state education. These include the Anti-Bullying legislation that went into law on September 1, multiple bills that have been introduced to change Teacher Tenure, and proposals to alter the Charter School law. However, it is unlikely that any real action […] […]