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Upcoming 2019-20 Meetings

Sept. 17
Oct. 22
Nov 26
Jan 28*
Feb 28
March 20
April 24
May 15

Regular meetings held 3rd Floor Mondo, 8 :15 a.m.

*Special meeting held at The Hickcok Meeting Room, Summit Public Library,6:30 pm.

Speak Up Summit

Speak Up Summit:
Affecting the Quality of Public Education in Summit

Speak Up Summit was formed in 1995 to support quality public education in Summit. As a well-informed group that communicates what it learns to others, it speaks up on issues that affect our children’s education. We are strong, and, when necessary, can have an impact on the quality of our public education.

Membership is open to anyone who believes that an excellent public school system is vital to the well being of the entire community.

Monthly meetings—which are very informal—are on weekday mornings. Twice a year we meet on Saturday mornings to welcome key school district administrators and elected officials to speak to the SUS membership and answer questions of concern. At regular meetings, we discuss what is new in the district and what is coming up in Trenton that might affect us directly.

Our goal is to take what we know and try to provide perspective by educating our community. And, of course, we speak up on those issues affecting our children’s ability to receive an excellent education.

We are always looking for new members, so please check us out. For more information on joining and future events, please call (908) 277-1218 or visit the Membership tab above.